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Jamie McCelland was born in Virginia, breathed a lot, then attended The University of Virginia and The Creative Circus in Atlanta. He started his career as an Art Director at BBDO New York, creating commercials for AT&T, Gillette, and the 2014 M&Ms Superbowl commercial which unintentionally predicted current U.S./Russian relations.

His directorial debut was Hello Flo’s “The Camp Gyno” which scored 5 million views in its first week and turned an unknown brand into a household name. His follow up for Hello Flo, “First Moon Party,” has earned 40 million views and a silver Cannes Lion. Named one of Adweek's top 100 creatives, Jamie writes and directs award-winning commercials and scripted comedies, crafting comedy and heart into stories worth sharing.

M&Ms Superbowl Commercial 2014 [Concept + Art Director]